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Friday, March 20, 2009

For the third posting we need to write about the search engine by comparing one another. We need to discuss the differences and similarities of; google scholar; eric digest and


- Look for more information.
- Search by key word.

Google scholar
- Search for variety information.
- Find by key word.

Eric digest
- Find more information.
- Browse by key word.
- Browse for more information.
- Seek out by key word.

- Home page with a slogan “The Mother of All Search Engines”.
- The biggest search engine among the four search engines.
- Can search the information in French language.
- As the mother of all the search engine, it provide extraordinary information.
- The search results are more specific and related to the key words.
- Less search results as the results is all specific and straight to the point.
- The recent search will be show in the right-hand side.
- There are search suggestions supplied by

Google scholar
- Home page is emphasizing the slogan “stand on the shoulders of giants”.
- More to the academic info and info that scholar might need.
- Not as wide as as the info mostly for scholar.
- More articles will be found here.
- Key authors will be recommending here as well.
- Mostly the web and info that found here is not related to the key word.
- Info is not specific to the key word and the search results are too many.
- We can know how many people have cited each of the search result.

Eric digest
- Search by keyword sometime tend to be harder than the other search engine.
- Shorts report mostly covered here.
- More to educational uses.
- Targeted specifically for educational community.
- Overview on a topic is provided and references prepared.
- A simple home page with the title “Yahoo!”
- provide the most search results.
- The search suggestions given are on the top and the bottom of the web page.
- Too many information provided, but not every of it is helpful.
- Sponsor results provided and it is on the top of the page.


Anonymous said...

This must be a class project or something since this is the 4th blog to do this same comparison... is *not* legit. It is a spoof site to farm Google AdSense ads. The real ERIC is at

janz said...

syikin I think what have anonymous said was true you got to go to real Eric.I just dont do it yet heeeeeee....Ude is alwayz janz

vaniece said...

i hav check it...thx ya. really a big mistake on that, sory.

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