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I am currently taking my Language and ICT course in UKM Bangi.
Blogging is one of our assignment due to the course requirement.
This is how we expose to blogging and learn on how to create our own blog.
This is my blog which I have created in order to complete my task given.
Yet, I enjoy blogging so much now.

"Live as if you were to die tommorow,
Learn as if you were to live forever..."

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For the last posting, we need to fill in the Blog Questionnaire that have been prepared by the lecturer then post it on blog.


Age: 20
(After 24 of December I will be 21, so pls…let me be 20 for now …hehe)

Tutorial Group: Group 4

LECTURER: Dr. Zaini Amir
(She is one of our lecturers in Language and ICT and she is my tutor for the course’s tutorial. Her slogan in my class will be ~ EaSy BuzY LEmOn SqUeeZy!!! I can feel how much she likes to squeeze lemon…hahahaha. Oops!!! U reading it Dr.???)

1. Do you enjoy blogging?
Yes or No?
IF YES OR NO please explains why:

Yes. I do enjoy blogging. This is because I can expose myself to learn more about ICT which I am not familiar with before. Yet, I can create my own blog now and everything is under my control. I love to learn something new which is complex like blog and it makes me feel like I am still compatible with the world of IT. Other than that, I will feel the satisfaction after I have created my blog and decorated it with many other gadgets. When it looks nice, I feel good.

2. Based on your experience what is the benefit of blogging?
It improves my writing and thinking skill where I might think further when I am trying to express my opinion on blog through my writing. I can think more critically before I write my view on it and it helps to enhance my vocabulary and grammar in English as I will be more careful by checking all my spelling and grammar before I post it up. Despite all the above, it also make me explore a lot about the ICT and enlighten me with something new which others might not have the chance to be exposed to. I learn not only on how to create my blog, but also learnt on how to make it alive and out of the box by adding different gadget. It really helps me a lot in exploring the ICT especially the task given in blogging in this SKBP course. At least I have learnt something that might be useful for my entire life during my university’s life.

3. Do you need more assistance to set up your blog?
Yes or No?
If YES Please explain on what aspect:

Yes. I do need more assistance for that. To create a blog maybe very easy for one who will be easily satisfied with their work. But it might not be easy for me to satisfy on my work as I am quite “perfectionist” in my work especially when it comes to design. While blogging, we need to design our own blog in our own unique way in order to make it attractive and alive. So, when I am doing the activities of blogging, I need a lot of assistance from the Internet to find out the way on adding different gadget. Even though I have learnt a lot in this, but I know that there are still a lot of things that I didn’t expose to yet. I still need to learn on how to transfer the templates from other source into my blog. It seems easy. Yet, it’s complicated till it took me few days to discover it. There is also different source that provide various gadget. I want to know each of them if I could. Unfortunately, I am still not familiar with it. Thus, I need lot more assistance on these.

4. Do you have any memorable/favorite topic in your blog?
Yes or No?
If YES Please list which topic?

Yes, I do have a memorable topic in my blog. Among all those posting that I have done for this course, I found that there is only one posting which attracts my attention. It is my second posting on the blog I enjoy reading the most. I have found a blog which I love the most. It is conducted by a blogger named “chicky egg”…what a cute name!!!

5 .List 5 advantages of blogging for you
1st advantages will be enhances my writing skill as we all already know.
2nd will be improves my critical thinking skill.
3rd going to be exposes me, a new blogger to a higher level of ICT.
4th is I able to share my thoughts with others on blog.
5th advantage, last but not least, is to build up my confidence in English as while I am blogging, I can express my feeling through my writing without any worries. Not as scary as facing the audience in the lecture hall or class. It makes me perform much better than perform in any other way.

6. List 5 disadvantages of blogging
First of all, it spends hours for a posting.
Next, it takes too much time to manage a blog, kind of complicated.
Then, it is not accessible anywhere. The internet is needed every time I want to post my opinion.
Later, blog addicted.
Gradually, too many steps or procedure even just a simple thing such as changing template and adding gadget.

7. Will you continue blogging after the course?
Yes or No?
If Yes or No please explain why:

I say yes. If I have the time to blogging, I will. But if I don’t, then I can’t blogging. I like blogging. So I will try my best to continue blogging when I am free. This is because I want to learn everything about blog that I have not learnt yet.

8. Do you think that blogging improve your writing? Yes or no?
Yes, definitely.

9. Do you think that we should continue with blogging activity for the next batch of students? Yes or no?


10. Will you recommend your friend to blog? Yes or no?

11. Can you teach a friend to set up his or her blog? Yes or no.
Yes, of course!!!


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