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I am currently taking my Language and ICT course in UKM Bangi.
Blogging is one of our assignment due to the course requirement.
This is how we expose to blogging and learn on how to create our own blog.
This is my blog which I have created in order to complete my task given.
Yet, I enjoy blogging so much now.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

For the forth posting, we have to find what is dissertation online. Then we need to find out what is the online databases that used by PTSL which is the acronym of Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang (the biggest library in Malaysia which is build in UKM). We also have to find two articles for one of the topics which are CALL, Bridging Digital Divide, Women and ICT and E-learning. Read, understand then summarize it and post it as our forth posting on blog is the main task.

What is dissertation online?
Dissertation online is the long essay or article that have been published on the internet and we could viewed in any file types.

The online databases subscribe by PTSL is…
• LISA Net
• Emerald Fulltext
• Oxford Journal
• ACM Digital Library
• Computer Database
• Datastream Advanced
• Education Fulltext
• UNITAR e-Journal
• Jurnal e-Bangi
• Etc…….

Summary of article taken from EBSCOHost

The Real Just-in-Time Training

When it comes to just-in-time learning, the objective is more about to find out the solutions of doing reality’s work, and that need a various type of support.

The meaning of E-learning is now wide and various. For instance, it means online tutorial or Web-based training for many organizations. But for the others, it involves lot of modalities which include Web communication motivated by threaded message boards, blogs or Wikis. As a result, E-learning has expanded enormously.

Just-in-time learning implies solving problem at the point of impact. It promised a short and focused learning intercession which more than 40 minutes lesson that includes superfluous info. E-learning also implies the classic instruction which should include a learning intention, examples, put into practice, evaluation and other elements that learner have come to expect when attending proper learning. E-learning also has a whole new unusual method where the author never. Inventive writing or phonetics from dictionary can be learnt more effectively with the support of just-in-time in grammar like spelling or pronunciation.

Furthermore, many companies start to look at E-reference in a whole special way. There are several of technologies and solutions which coming to the head to engage the Earth. For example, the online book is the most common tool in this category. It can be easily search and also shared anywhere. Other than that, the electronic performance support systems (EPSS) is getting better as well. It now allows learners to create their own custom help system from text to streaming video. They can also be brilliant enough to follow along the learners as they navigate a system and pop-up when they do something wrong, or asked for help in the middle of the process. EPSS also develop the learning by providing access to unstable degrees of formal instruction. It’s all control by the learner and scalable based on the need.

In a nutshell, the real just-in-time expose learner to an extremely new learning environment with the training supplied.

Summary of article taken from Oxford Journal

Effectiveness of e-learning in continuing medical education for occupational physicians

In medical context e-learning is equal to conventional approaches of continuing medical education (CME). However, the professional health context differs and until now the effect of postgraduate e-learning among occupational physicians (OPs) has not been evaluated. With the introduction of the Internet, e-learning which is the use of Internet technologies that enhance knowledge and performance, can be included into CME programs. E-learning learner has the advantage to choose the place and time of education on their own compared to traditional learning.

A website includes an e-learning module which was designed as a self-directed teaching tool for occupational health care professionals have been created. It covered three main objectives which are diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The module provides participants with information, invites to search for information on the website and asks to solve cases or answer multiple-choice questions using this information. This shows that e-learning have completely given a lot of info the participants.

E-learning is just as effective in enhancing knowledge as lecture-based learning. Since computer skills are part of the latest occupational training and education, e-learning may play an even more significant role in the CME of OPs in the near future.


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